Supportive Educational
Services for Unique Learners

Empowering students. Transforming lives.

Every student deserves an educational experience that works for them.

When schools personalize their approach to meet students’ unique academic, behavioral, and emotional needs, amazing things happen:
Attendance rates increase.
Dropout rates decrease.
Grade promotion rates increase.
Number of credits earned increases.
Standardized test scores improve.
Graduation rates increase.



We take the time to understand each student’s unique background, strengths, and areas in which they could benefit from additional support.


We equip unique learners and their families to overcome present barriers and achieve future success.



Students thrive in an educational environment tailored to their specific needs.

“Why” matters.

When youth have significant emotional or therapeutic needs that aren’t being met, their performance in and outside the classroom often deteriorates. Their grades and test scores may begin to slide, they may skip school, and they may begin using alcohol or drugs or engaging in other risky activity. As their behavior challenges escalate, families and schools focus on addressing the “what” instead of the “why.” With their underlying learning or emotional challenges unaddressed, they’re less likely to graduate.
It’s not just the students who are affected. Their families often feel isolated and unsure where to turn for help, and the financial consequences of truancy and delinquency can be devastating. Expulsion and dropout rates negatively impact entire communities through increased crime, increased unemployment, and an increased burden on public assistance programs.
Not every learning environment is equipped to meet the special needs of these students. But Adelphoi Education is.

Success Stories

Bill Emerick

“Working here has changed me as a person. I see that my daily battles and problems are nothing compared to what some of my students are dealing with. They have taught me not to take life for granted. As a teacher, I get to help these students find a second chance at education and assist them in working towards their goals. It is truly rewarding seeing my students achieve success. ”

The Stile Family

“Our son struggled at his previous school with being able to focus and stay on task and in his seat. At Adelphoi, he received a lot of emotional support. Through all of the last school year and this school year, staff have patiently helped him meet his goal to improve himself. I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they do for the students. ”

Barb Fauset

“Teaching at Adelphoi Education has become my life’s work. It allows me to get to know my students, give them a sense of belonging, and a sense of worth. It also allows me to meet my students at their level, and to help them move forward. When I run into former students in the community, they often thank me and tell me Adelphoi has really made a difference in their lives. I can honestly say I love my job.”

What does a personalized approach to education look like?

Individual academic support as needed.
Strengths-based, interdisciplinary team approach.
Group therapy and therapeutic services for students and families.
Mental and behavioral health advocacy for families and students
Career-readiness, social, and living skills.
Collaborative environment among students, families, school districts, and communities.

Adelphoi holds a Private Academic School license from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is qualified to offer special education services and monitor Individualized Education Plans.

  • Pennsylvania Appropriately State Certified Teachers to Provide Elementary and Secondary Emotional Support
  • Affiliated with Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training (PACTT)
  • Care rooted in trauma-informed and evidence-based programming

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Adelphoi Education offers a collaborative and therapeutic environment where students with unique emotional or behavioral challenges are prepared for success while in school – and throughout life. Adelphoi Education is a service within the continuum of care of Adelphoi, one of Pennsylvania’s leading providers of youth and family services for nearly 50 years.

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