Success Stories

Empowering students. Transforming lives.


“Working here has changed me as a person. I see that my daily battles and problems are nothing compared to what some of my students are dealing with. They have taught me not to take life for granted. As a teacher, I get to help these students find a second chance at education and assist them in working towards their goals. It is truly rewarding seeing my students achieve success.”


“Our son struggled at his previous school with being able to focus and stay on task and in his seat. At Adelphoi, he received a lot of emotional support. Through all of the last school year and this school year, staff have patiently helped him meet his goal to improve himself. I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they do for the students. ”


“Teaching at Adelphoi Education has become my life’s work. It allows me to get to know my students, give them a sense of belonging, and a sense of worth. It also allows me to meet my students at their level, and to help them move forward. When I run into former students in the community, they often thank me and tell me Adelphoi has really made a difference in their lives. I can honestly say I love my job.”

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